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As founder of Seven Seeds Media, I am currently focused in helping small and medium-sized companies design, implement and adjust integrated digital marketing solutions.

Strategies based on data that are adjusted and optimized to generate the best results and meet the specific needs of our customers.

We can take care of all the aspects involved in increasing your presence and authority on the Internet, positioning your web properties in the SERPs and optimizing the return on your investment in digital media.

Send a message to email and tell me how can I help you.

seo results

SEO / Growth hacker

The last step I have taken in my professional life, it came naturally in my quest to create websites that actually work and serves a purpose other than a flashy online business card.


Web Designer & developer

For more than a decade now I have built numerous websites with different tools and technologies.

From animated and highly interactive flash sites (back in the no iphone days), to custom made sites utilizing the latest technologies.

I have focused in the front end part of development and the design of UI and UX.


responsive web design and development

Animation, VFX, and Video production

Cartoon style 2D animation using Flash, motion graphics powered by After Effects and Cinema 4D or composites for Films and big format projections.

I have had the pleasure of working in different and exciting projects, from horror and sci-fi films, to video mapping events in amazing locations.


design and illustration

More of a hobby, I have had the pleasure of designing branding elements like logos, business cards and illustrations.

I love mixing techniques and tools to create different results.

I focus in creating functional design, concentrating in the user experience.